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New Year’s Message: 20/20 Vision for 2021

New Year’s Message: 20/20 Vision for 2021

DEAR READERS: My New Year’s message for 2020 was to wish America 20/20 vision. And now, we have 20/20 vision of a nation -- and, indeed, a species -- divided on how best to live in the midst of the climate, population and COVID-19 crises. Then she came down with what the dermatology vet diagnosed as an autoimmune disorder, leading us to reconsider future vaccinations. NESTLE USES SUSTAINABLE INSECT PROTEIN IN NEW DOG FOODNestle is launching a new line of Purina dog food in Switzerland based on unconventional protein sources, including black soldier fly larvae. The volume of mail received prohibits personal replies, but questions and comments of general interest will be discussed in future columns.

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